Khao San Road in Bangkok

Khao San Road in Bangkok... I had vaguely heard about it but no more. The few articles read in some tourist guides didn't really make me want to go for a walk in this area, so tourist guides are not always the best advisors.

I finally discover a nice place, full of people: backpackers, travellers of all nationalities, all horizons, all styles, a quiet atmosphere, in short, I am pleasantly surprised.

No prostitute bars, no nightclub beaters... walking around this neighbourhood with family and children is quite feasible and very easy. Nothing to see then and you will have understood it... with the Pat Pong district.

  Khao San Road day time..

It is under a blazing sun that we arrive at Khao San Road.
At the beginning of this afternoon, the crowds are less crowded, people prefer to stay in the shade and that is normal.
The thermometer displays in the 37°C range
The inevitable tuk tuk tuk of Bangkok that you find all over the capital.
If tuk tuk tuk were removed from traffic, Bangkok would no longer be Bangkok....
Khao San Rd, it is also the meeting place for dreadlocks... (Rasta style)

  Khao San Rd, night time

At night, it is certain, the crowds are much larger...
A little roasted scorpion for a snack?
Tattoo in the middle of the street....
Chinese tourists getting their legs massaged in the middle of the street...
The bar terraces are crowded, beer flows freely....