Phuket Old Town

   Krabi Road

In the continuity of Thalang Road, Krabi Road starts at the intersection with Yoawarat Rd and continues for about 560m, until the intersection with Patiphat Rd (which then becomes Chaofa Road). By turning left at this point we take the direction of Chalong/Rawai on Chaofa Rd.... if we take straight ahead, we go to Central Festival, then Kathu, then Patong Beach...

The main streets of old Phuket are in light blue on this map....
The street concerned by this article is in yellow

On Google Map: 7°53'05.8"N 98°23'12.4"E
Krabi Road

Krabi Road
All the electrical wiring that distorted the landscape of these streets has disappeared. It's so pleasant now....

On Krabi Road at the intersection with Satun Road, you will also find this splendid building which was once the home of the Governor of Phuket. Nowadays, it is a restaurant that occupies the premises after a complete renovation of this fantastic place, which I consider to be... the most beautiful building in Phuket.

You will find an article and a whole series of photos of this magnificent house here: 


  Thalang Road & Krabi Road by Scooter...

The two streets, Thalang rd and Krabi rd are in the vicinity with an intersection on Yaowarad rd
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